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The Spring update... 2018

Well time to replace that old winter update, especially since it was from winter of 2003, wow over 14 years since I updated this site!

Anyways, here's a list of things happening or might be:

  • Really the live streaming music things (and other things too perhaps) will be happening someday! Rumor is better internet is “coming soon!”
  • I haven’t played out at all for 10 plus years now (since my lung infection and oral surgery). Right now I don’t have a full gear set up, though I have finally picked of one of my guitars. I'll try playing on the internet instead ;-) I'm trying to set up a very simple studio for that.
  • I'm slowly coverting sites I work on (and also this one) to html mobile ready. Yep I'm slow!
  • Oh and my Mom’s 90th this year!

Harvey, June 7th, 2018

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The Library, FAQ or Myth
Here I'll answer all those questions so you wont have to bug me with them. ()
The Kitchen, Donations
Alright, so you want to make a donation (because you want to help a starving musician, I suppose). There's a list of things I think I need hanging up on the fridge. Also there's a sketch that someone donated. ()
The Dining Room, forum
Off Limits ()
The Living Room, Daily Life
Where am I going? When am I going? What am I doing Back in Boston? Just check here and my state of confusion will become totally obvious... ()
The Basement, Hear Music Here
Always under renovations, sometimes live music streaming, sometimes recordings of live music. sometimes just streaming whatever? Eventually I'll get into a schedule. There are some old pictures of the place to look at too. ()


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My astronomy/space science links. ()
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