Links to Other Places

Remember the old days when people had links to other people’s webpages on their websites? I guess I'm old fashioned. However I've just check the links and removed the ones that no longer work (most of them). Eventually I'll add some new ones. Here’s what’s still here. Also there's Astronomy links on the roof top. There are a few more links to some web sites I have worked on (or at least hosted) on the desk.

Busker Friends

Uncle Scam
A Puppeteer who works the street in Harvard Sq. There's Lot's of pictures of Harvard Sq life. at his website.

Blogging Friends and Relatives

Nothing here at the moment.
Probably they're all using FaceBook these days. That’s probably not healthy though ;-)


Soulful, searing slide guitar blues that echoes from the Mississippi juke joints to the urban canyons. Features singer-guitarist Ted Drozdowski.

Other Art

Steel Toed Boots
Stories, pictures, Southeast AZ, poetry, prose, filmography and a short video. Lauries McKenna’s website, an indi filmaker/artist type who dabbles in other things.

Busking/Street Performance/Subway Music
Stephen Baird is a Community Arts Advocate, as well as a long time street performer. Community Arts Advocates is a nonprofit arts organization cultivating ongoing fundamental relationships between artists and communities.