Outdated Resume
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Done and To Do

  1. I've helped Some folks out with their web sites. Though mostly I do backend out-of-the-limelight stuff.
  2. Make music and distribute it over the internet.
    Check out the basement for sound files and music streams and the latest news regarding my attempts to broadcast live music to the internet right from my computer.
  3. Computer Stuff - kinda jack-of-all-trades here (master of none)
    • Scripting: Python, PHP4, Perl, Expect/tcl, Bash...
    • Mark-up: html, xhtml, css
    • Administraion: GNU/Linux (Debian mostly)
    • Backend Servers:
      • Web (Nginx, Apache)
      • Email (Postfix)
      • Domain Name (Bind9)
      • Database (Postgres and MySQL)
      • FTP (ProFTP)
      • Audio streaming (Icecast)
      • Chat (Jabber)
    • Applications: (front end)
      • Service monitoring (for all them servers)
      • Internet audio production and live music streaming
      • Web based email
      • Shopping carts
      • Website templates
    Ok, enough geek talk, if you need more information about my computer endeavors email me.
  4. Making some lyric/chord sheets of my songs.
  5. Building a subway station in my own back yard.
  6. Building a direct entrance to that subway station from the basement.
  7. Learning... always

Will it ever be done...