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The Control Room

Welcome to my real home, not to be confused with upstairs which is just for show. I've finally started up my "radio' stream again! The theory is you can click on the “play” button (triangle in a circle) and listen to “HarvHat Radio”. Just me and guitar, well, and a drum machine or more on occasion. It's bound to put you to sleep if you listen for too long 😆

If you want to open it in a media player here's the link you can feed your:

New Electric Guitar

This time an electric (a *new* Danelectro baritone guitar) which I actually got late last year. I'm streaming online with it, usually on vimm.tv (for now at least). Here's a sample, which includes assistance with the “muffled cat” sound from my cat “Lefty”, who seems to like my new guitar too! Lap Cat Doodle [edit: video switched from youtube to lbry]

New Recording Mic and some "retro" headphones

“Retro” means not bluetooth, old school style, with a 1/4 inch stereo plug! (Plugs into my new mic preamp for monitoring.) The micophone is a budget condenser (MXL V63M) but on first inspection seems like it might do the job just fine. I also got some inexpensive speaker monitors. [edit note: yea I wrote this in September and promptly forgot to actually upload it to the website.]

New Guitar and Looper pedal

I bought a new f-hole acoustic guitar, a basic model Washburn with a single pickup. Is actually every similar to my old Gretch except not all worn out and has a pickup. Hopefully it will work well enough for playing on the streets again. I also got me an Infinity Looper pedal, though probably wont be taking that to the streets as it needs to be plugged in. I should start recording my OWN stuff soon, in the mean time I posted another video to You Tube, no Chinese music this time, instead I'm jamming over Robin Grey's instrumental “Every Waking Hour” (not using the new guitar, this is from before.)

Warming Up

I'm now live streaming from time to time (other peoples music usually, maybe gaming once in awhile) at www.vimm.tv/@harvhat perhaps a couple times a week, though it's typically in the middle of the night. There's still a lot to do, like work on a actual schedule and learn some material, and such! I’m not playing my own stuff (yet) just “jamming” along with various pop musics, often music from China. I might also start streaming on www.twitch.tv/harvhat too -- duel streaming! (well, once or if I get that set up.)

More Bandwidth “soon” means more streaming

In the 15 plus years I've been trying to do this, (for certain definitions of trying) upstream residential bandwidth has barely increased, at least not in my neck of the woods. Hopefully we'll be up at a 5mbs uplink this summer here and I can start streaming more things.

Obviously what has also happened is YouTube and Twitch have taking over video streaming. What I plan to so is set up a vps to relay streams I feed to it to other endpoints, so I can stream to several of these providers at once whoich only taking up one stream's uplink bandwidth. Hopefully I will be able to streams to some of the smaller providors at the same time, such as DLive.

Tunes.Buskers.Org “OnAir - anyday now” ... apparently

Oh it's been over four years, but real soon now I will make more music available here. I plan to occasionally stream live which I will then archive into ‘podcasts’. Also I will be adding some songs to the juke box. I just have to finish the scripts that will make it almost automatic *grin*. Check the Listen page for the current online status, which is ‘offline’, becuase if it wasn't I'd remove this message ;-)


I have succeeded in upgrading my computer so now I'm only about one (well maybe 1 1/2) generations behind the Jones. I have completed my transition to the ogg vorbis format for my internal compressed audio files although I'll still be webcasting in that yucky em-pee-3 format for alittle while longer. Oh and I've started playing live on the internet again, though just occasionally and at random times... soon I'll organize that better, but while you're waiting for me to get my act together I have one song you can download here and listen too... you'll need ogg vorbis... or maybe i already said that.

Some Old Pictures

Also I have some pictures of the old place for ya'all. As you will see, not only is my computer and it's software under constant re-contruction, so is the studio itself!

Yes, I'm too lazy to post the new pictures