look... a watercolor by Hugo!

A Day
in a Life

People aways seem to be looking for me and wondering where I'll be at such-n-such a time. Well, aside from the fact I don't have a clue.

Maybe it will go something like this...

Outline of a normal day

Wake Up
Start myself a half pot of coffee and figure out what time it is... these days it's been around 11:00 am or so.
Go Back to Sleep
Why get up when the coffee isn't ready yet?
Wake Up
Realizing that the coffee I brewed earlier is about to get old and burnt I quickly wake up again.
Look Spot to Play
Right now I'm out in Harvard Sq. 8-10 hours or so a week, but by the end of October I'll probably be mostly playing the subway again which I haven't done in awhile.
Put on my Geek hat
If I didn't go out to play then I'm trying to figure out how to do something on the computer, or helping somebody else do the same.
Eat Something
Always a good idea to go to the store and get some food first. If i'm running low on money to do that (or am just sick of the one thing I cook over and over) I'll go to one of the church/soup kitchen meals.
I need a cup after dinner.
Play Some More
Well, I might have found a spot before but now it's time to actually work it. Or if if not playing out then I'll be practicing in.
Go to Sleep
But where? Well, for now and the forseeable future (a couple months) I've got a basement to crash in.

Of course there are no normal days and I still got to work out a few of the details. Say, have I asked you to sign my guest book yet? (I suppose I have.)