Me, playing in Harvard Square
photo by UncleScam

Greetings and Welcome

Within this site is my effort to try and communicate to you what it is that is me and the music that is trying to escape.

My name is Harvey Smith, and I am, or have been, a street performer, also known as a busker (ie. I'm a musician that plays guitar on the streets for tips and calls himself an artist.) I've busked for many years, mostly in the Cambridge and Boston, Massachusetts (USA) area. By now though, I haven't busked for several years, perhaps I endevour to find a better way, on the internet.

On the intenet you can hear my music, if you can find it, for free; then if you wish, and can afford to, you can make a donation to my 'hat' or case. In fact you probably found this site because you found me first and I told you about it. If you're from the future, trolling through the hiistorical internet archives and just happen to stumble upon, from circa 2018... but enough of the introductions!

You may learn more about me including contact info and social media accounts by clicking right here.

Harvey - (modified Nov 2019)